My name is Steven Donovan and I am a financial coach here at Even Steven Money.  Here is my story in bullet points:

  • First person to graduate college in my family, December 2005
  • Didn’t really have a full-time job until August 2007 and that was only making $10/hour at US Bank
  • Worked at the bank for 2 years, but not before buying a nice Mercedes Benz, valued at 60% of my salary
  • Picked up everything and moved to Miami Florida with no job and little savings to see if a long distance relationship would work. Good news she’s now my wife. Bad news keep reading.
  • Moved to Chicago after a year because I couldn’t make my monthly student loan, car loan, and credit card payments
  • Woke up and realized I had over $100,000 in personal debt
  • All within a few days in June 2011, I was married, transferred to a new job, and moved into a new apartment
  • Started reading and listening to every piece of information about personal finance and paying off debt I could get my hands on
  • House hacked a multi-unit property in Chicago
  • In 2014 I started my own personal finance blog, EvenStevenMoney.com, to have fun and hold myself accountable
  • Featured and included across the internet on popular personal finance blogger websites.  Proud to call many of them my friends
  • Paid off over $100,000 in personal debt including student loans, credit cards, personal loan to my parents, and a car loan in 5 years
  • Paid off $200,000 in mortgage debt, which was an entire rental property home in Miami
  • Sold our home in Chicago and moved to Miami, #DebtFree #Financial Freedom
  • Realized my passion for personal finance and helping others with money is stronger than ever
  • Today I am a Financial Coach and help others reach their financial goals