Investment Benefits and Strategies

My Investment Benefits and Strategies

In the first part of Creating an Investment Philosophy I talked about my investment vehicles including retirement and brokerage accounts.  The investments themselves are today’s topic as I discuss my investment benefits and strategies I use.  Hot stock tips not included.  Sexy individual stocks, maybe just a little.  Boring core index investing, absolutely i’ll take […]

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Investment Philosophy Even Steven Money Women Lauging

What’s Your Investment Philosophy?

Over the past 20 years of my life I have made many investing mistakes.  At the same time, I have learned from these mistakes and about who I am as an investor and my strategy to grow wealth.  This education in investing has led me to create my investment philosophy. What is an investment philosophy? […]

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Automatic Investment Plan

When I talk with coaching clients one of the biggest fears I hear is investing.  Anything from not having enough money to invest to not knowing what and where to invest.   Probably not surprising is that only around 50 percent of American families have any exposure (direct or indirect) to the stock market.  Big […]

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Spend Less on Groceries Update with Grocery Cart

Spend Less on Groceries Another Update

I’m excited for another update in the 2019 Beat Last Year’s Budget!  Check out my last update here to see how we have been doing.  Each year my wife and I make financial goals for the year ahead.  While a large number of these goals are personal, my financial goals often intertwine with my personal […]

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Is an Expensive Haircut Worth It Even Steven Money

Is an Expensive Haircut Worth It?

Over the last year I have had paid for a haircut only twice.  I have went from a shaved head and nothing more than 5 o’clock shadow to a side swept undercut style haircut and a full beard.  For the longest time I was doing my own haircuts because it was that easy.  My wonderful […]

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Self Employment Taxes Michelangelo David

Learning All About Self Employment Taxes

All of my life I have been a W-2 employee.  I would get a paycheck and my taxes would be taken out.  After time and research I understood my investment shelters like my 401K, H.S.A., and IRA.  In 2019 all of this changed. I’m self employed. I get to learn a new language. Let’s take […]

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Plan Ahead When Traveling Even Steven Money

Plan Ahead When Traveling

During our recent trip to Italy my friends emphasized 2 crucial points.  Don’t order food at restaurants with pictures on the menu and to plan ahead when traveling.  I repeated this sage wisdom to my wife and we violated each point of emphasis within the first week.  Let me tell you a little story about […]

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George Clooney Money Beard Even Steven

George Clooney Money

As my wife and I talked about our slow travel vacation plans in Italy, she mentioned the usual places to visit like Rome, Florence, and Milan.  However when she brought up Lake Como, her face brightened with excitement. As I shared with friends in conversations the places we would visit, Lake Como was mentioned as […]

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FinCon Volunteer Experience Even Steven Money

FinCon Volunteer Experience

Over the past few years I have enjoyed each and every aspect of FinCon. This year was no different as I decided to enter my second year of volunteering in the nation’s capital Washington DC. Let’s take a journey down the road of FinCon through the lens of a FinCon volunteer. The FinCon Volunteer Experience […]

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