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Flexible Financial Freedom

This past week I was reminded of the flexibility I have as my wife and I have reached financial freedom. This flexibility allowed me to be a guest on a podcast.  Give a Money Coach presentation to a small business team.  Travel for a job interview and even pick up my parents at the airport […]

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man thinking staring out in water what should i do with my tax refund

What Should I Do With My Tax Refund

There are many decisions in personal finance and money that whatever choice you make is going to be a benefit to your financial situation.  For example, paying off your mortgage early or investing are both benefits to your financial situation.  The goal with your tax refund is to put yourself in that same situation where […]

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Scared to death of credit cards with couple making scary faces and fire in background

Why I’m Scared to Death of Credit Cards

I did a podcast with His and Her Money and one of the questions that they asked was “When did you get into debt?”.  It made me think about how my debt story all started and the top three experiences that sum of up the reason why today I am scared to death of credit cards. […]

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12,000 days till I retire with background cars, commute, traffic

Only 12,000 Days till I Retire

What if  I told you that retirement for anyone who is in their early 30’s, leaves you with about 35 more years until you retire. In my case, this is for when I turn 65, so 33 more years. Imagine it, 12,000 more days, 288,000 more hours, 1,721 weeks left of grinding it out at […]

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Banner says What I learned working for Michael Jordan with a picture of basketball hoop behind

Michael Jordan: What I Learned Working For Him

One of the highlights of my life was working for and meeting Michael Jordan. Yes, that Michael Jordan. I grew up playing basketball my whole life and for me, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. He won 6 NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, 5 MVP awards, 10 Scoring titles, and […]

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