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The Best Way to Pay Off Debt, Meet the Debt Tornado

I have paid off thousands and thousands of dollars of debt and during this long and sometimes painful journey, I created a debt strategy called the Debt Tornado.  During my debt payoff journey, I came to realize it’s not a math problem, it’s not even a psychological problem, instead it was a ME problem. Many […]

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Forest and road with car and text How I paid off my car fast Even Steven Money

How to Pay Off Car Debt Fast

I was driving around Miami Florida in my Mercedes Benz and I felt like a big dumb idiot. My car was costing me over $500 and I couldn’t afford to make the monthly payments. This big ugly problem forced me to move from Miami and pay off my car debt fast. Sometimes you have to […]

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The Really Quite Good Guide to Pay Off Debt

I woke up one morning worried I wasn’t going to be able to pay my bills, let alone pay off my debt. I was scared. Debt had taken over my life. You see I took a risk and moved to Miami for a woman I loved. I didn’t have a full-time job, enough savings, or […]

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