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Psychological Tricks To Reduce Your Online Shopping

Psychological Tricks To Reduce Your Online Shopping

Over time I have morphed into a saver rather than a spender.  It took time and practice.  Many of the reasons I shop less today is I value other things much more than shopping.  I purchased a fancy Mercedes Benz, expensive clothes, and had a tendency to spend more than I made.  Today I want […]

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ave Your First $1,000 in Emergency Savings Teddy Bear Emergency

5 Steps to Your First $1,000 Emergency Fund

Everyone and their brother recommends an emergency fund and I’m no different.  Emergency funds make sense.  We all know we should have one, but how do you start an emergency fund?  If you’re just starting out in your financial journey I am going to walk you through how to save your first $1,000 for your […]

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Top 5 COVID-19 Money Questions

If you are like me finances have been on your mind more and more in the past weeks.  Reading articles and asking questions about what to do next with the economy, stay at home orders, and every day routines in flux.  Covid-19 money questions are on everyone’s mind and I’m here to help. Coronavirus or […]

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Stimulus Checks are Coming

Stimulus Checks Are Coming

It was recently reported by the Washington Post that stimulus checks could be coming soon. The current amount per person could be as much as $1,200 depending on your Adjusted Gross Income in previous years.   With a future amount of money coming soon it’s important to talk about what you should do with your […]

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Self Employment Taxes Michelangelo David

Learning All About Self Employment Taxes

All of my life I have been a W-2 employee.  I would get a paycheck and my taxes would be taken out.  After time and research I understood my investment shelters like my 401K, H.S.A., and IRA.  In 2019 all of this changed. I’m self employed. I get to learn a new language. Let’s take […]

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Plan Ahead When Traveling Even Steven Money

Plan Ahead When Traveling

During our recent trip to Italy my friends emphasized 2 crucial points.  Don’t order food at restaurants with pictures on the menu and to plan ahead when traveling.  I repeated this sage wisdom to my wife and we violated each point of emphasis within the first week.  Let me tell you a little story about […]

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Should You Invest Your Emergency Fund Even Steven Money

Should You Invest Your Emergency Fund

When I first started out on my personal finance journey I was reading everything I could get my hands on.  It seemed no matter which way I turned, everyone believes you should have an emergency fund.  The only thing that people differ on is how much you should have and where you should keep this […]

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Republic Wireless Review

I have had a history of switching cell phone providers, maybe I was doing my best Goldilocks impersonation and looking for just the right one.  While I may have started with an old Nokia phone using US cellular in the late 90’s, I have upgraded to what I believe is the best cell phone service […]

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Brick by Brick Your Road Map to Financial Freedom

When I was paying off all of my debt, I wanted a simple plan of attack.  I chose to use Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, which has helped thousands of people get out of debt.  Here’s the thing I never really followed the baby steps to the letter, I ended up creating my own steps that […]

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