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Self Employment Taxes Michelangelo David

Learning All About Self Employment Taxes

All of my life I have been a W-2 employee.  I would get a paycheck and my taxes would be taken out.  After time and research I understood my investment shelters like my 401K, H.S.A., and IRA.  In 2019 all of this changed. I’m self employed. I get to learn a new language. Let’s take […]

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Plan Ahead When Traveling Even Steven Money

Plan Ahead When Traveling

During our recent trip to Italy my friends emphasized 2 crucial points.  Don’t order food at restaurants with pictures on the menu and to plan ahead when traveling.  I repeated this sage wisdom to my wife and we violated each point of emphasis within the first week.  Let me tell you a little story about […]

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Should You Invest Your Emergency Fund Even Steven Money

Should You Invest Your Emergency Fund

When I first started out on my personal finance journey I was reading everything I could get my hands on.  It seemed no matter which way I turned, everyone believes you should have an emergency fund.  The only thing that people differ on is how much you should have and where you should keep this […]

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Republic Wireless Review

I have had a history of switching cell phone providers, maybe I was doing my best Goldilocks impersonation and looking for just the right one.  While I may have started with an old Nokia phone using US cellular in the late 90’s, I have upgraded to what I believe is the best cell phone service […]

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Brick by Brick Your Road Map to Financial Freedom

When I was paying off all of my debt, I wanted a simple plan of attack.  I chose to use Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, which has helped thousands of people get out of debt.  Here’s the thing I never really followed the baby steps to the letter, I ended up creating my own steps that […]

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Jansport bag backpack text My attempt to claim the jansport lifetime warranty Even Steven Money

My Attempt to Claim the Jansport Lifetime Warranty

I have had my Jansport backpack for the better part of the last 3 years. I acquired what I believe is my “Big Student Backpack” from a local thrift store for a small price as part of my buying and selling on eBay venture. This is how my attempt to claim the Jansport lifetime warranty […]

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