Financial Independence Day Even Steven Money Fireworks

The people have spoken………

My favorite part about the financial independence community is how open we are about our finances.  Not afraid to shout from our internet boxes our hopes and dreams about early retirement, debt repayment, or dream jobs right for the world to see.  So what if sometimes it’s just our Mom or a couple of friends reading, it’s not easy telling everyone your goals!

It’s motivating to see the results from when people enter their numbers into a spreadsheet and determine that this month and year in history will be when they declare their goal to reach financial independence and retire early!

Create a Goal, Motivate, Encourage……Reach Financial Independence

While incredibly motivating it does not come without some real world difficulties those in the FIRE movement are all too familiar with.  Try saying that out loud to someone that you want to reach financial independence and retire early. Chances are they might laugh at you or just generally think you are dreaming, possibly think you are crazy! 

I’m guessing 99 times out of 100 they don’t say “Me Too and share their financial independence day”!!!!  That’s what this page is for, hope you all like it!

I know there are so many blogs and bloggers that have declared a financial independence day, probably without even knowing that this page exists.  Let’s change that!

How to Get Involved

It’s incredibly easy to be included in the Financial Independence Day list shown below.  Simply click on the Google Sheets link and follow the instructions to add your website, financial independence day, and the link to the page where you shared this incredibly big goal. 

Once your FI Day has been added, I’ll send out a Tweet with your name and FI information.  I’ll update the form on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, so if you don’t hear from me please let me know via email. 

In fact I would love to hear from you anyways!  I like getting emails from fellow financial independence bloggers and I  would love to hear from you.  If you know someone out there who has shared their financial independence day and is not on the list, share the FI Day page.

Financial Independence Day List

Blog Financial Independence Day Link to Updated Post Link to FIRE Post
Go Curry Cracker October 2012 FIRE
FI Fighter March 2016 FIRE
No Nonsense Landlord July 2016 FIRE
Think Save Retire April 2020 ‘December 2016’ FIRE
1500 Days February 2017 FIRE
Eat the Financial Elephant May 2017 FIRE
Frugalwoods October 2017 FIRE
Our Next Life December 2017 FIRE
FI 35 March 2018 FIRE
Plan Invest Escape July 2018 FIRE
Dividend Growth Investor December 2018 FIRE
Two Cup House May 2019 FIRE
Mixing Maroons August 2020
Bayalis is the Answer January 2021
Creating My Kaleidoscope January 2022
Even Steven Money December 2022
The Money Mine December 2022
Northern Expenditure December 2022
Adventures with Poopsie July 2023
Gen Y Finance Guy December 2023
Budgets are Sexy December 2024
FI Monkey June 2025
Living Rich Cheaply April 2026
Traveling Wallet October 2026
Amber Tree Leaves December 2029
Retire Before Dad May 2025

Are you Financial Independence Day ready?

Now you can take advantage of the most sophisticated, realistic retirement planning calculator available today – so you can prepare for the FI Day you want.

If you are serious about figuring out your financial independence day then you need to keep track of all of your accounts in one place.  My personal favorite for seeing all of my accounts striving for Financial Independence is Personal Capital.  By signing up via my link I may be compensated by Personal Capital, that’s my transparency guarantee.

computer investment software

The #1 Tool I use to Track My Expenses, Investments, and Financial Independence

Financial Independence Coaching

Over the past year I have helped people get better with money.  I have helped them pay off debt faster, save more money than ever before, all with a goal of living a better life today and retiring comfortably tomorrow.

As I talk, write, and speak more about financial independence I realized that so many of us out there want a simple check-in.  We want to hear from an experienced unbiased financial coach that we are on the track towards financial independence.

We want to ask questions like “are my finances optimized?” “Is my financial independence day correct?”  “Did I miss something”.

It’s a great opportunity to work with someone involved in the Financial Independence community to make sure you are taking the necessary steps.  I’m here to talk numbers, provide unbiased feedback, and challenge you.

If you want to learn more, set up a free 15 minute virtual call with me today  Financial Independence Discovery.

Financial Independence Day Even Steven Money Fireworks