Financial Freedom Update

The last few weeks have been busy.  I have attended an extra FIRE meetup, organized a showing for the FIRE documentary, and got a job.   Wait, what? Get ready for my financial freedom update.

Financial Freedom Project Work

A few weeks ago we were enjoying one of the natural springs found here in Florida.  As part of  our small road trip to visit the natural springs we also went to Orlando as we tagged along so one of my wife’s brothers could attend training for a new job.  The opportunity arose for my brother in law because of an old connection my wife maintains with a former colleague, mentor, and now successful business owner.

My wife and I were able to work remotely at a local coffee shop, have lunch with everyone, and take some time to work at the business owner’s office.  I enjoyed sitting down to talk business and investing as part of what he has done over the last couple years by starting his business.  I even pointed out a few updates that his website needed since I have some experience building a website and making sure it functions properly.

A couple days later, the business owner asked me to give him a call.  I was thinking he wanted me to fix his website, which I thought would take me 30 minutes and I would happily do it for free.  Instead he asked what availability I had to come work as a contract employee for him.  I didn’t really expect this, but after listening to the specifics I was keenly interested.

The position is a self-employed contractor.  I would work remotely besides a quick training in Orlando that he would reimburse my expenses.  After a two months the contract would be over.  We could go our separate ways and everyone would live happily ever after.  I would have a little extra money and he would have an extra experienced banking professional to help with the project.

Alligator with Even Steven Money Financial Freedom Update

Getting ready to crush this project. No alligators were harmed during the taking of this photo.


So many things were great about this project.

  1. I had a little bit of a rough patch with my business as I realized I made an error that cost me money.  So having a little extra money and focus would be beneficial.
  2. I am a project orientated person.
  3. The business owner values production and will match that monetarily.
  4. Working remotely and setting my own hours.
  5. If things go well I could work on future projects of my choosing.

The position would allow me to work with clients at night, which has been part of my business already.  This would also allow me to focus on the parts of the business and coaching I enjoy the most.

What I am finding out very quickly is that so much of what I do can be cut.  I’m cutting the fat and making sure I eat the steak.  I made a promise to myself that I will write for 52 weeks straight, so that is not stopping over the next 2 months even if I have to write till midnight on Sunday.

Facebook Live and YouTube we are taking a break from regularly scheduled programming.


The money coming in isn’t going to change our financial situation much.  This is a financial freedom update, but much is staying the same.  We are still have financial freedom and plan to ease into financial independence over the next 3 years.  Our money mostly just needs time to grow.

You are my sunshine financial freedom update

Sure I will need to find a place to spend, invest, and save my money.  I’ll have to figure out my tax situation.  These are the fun activities for me as a money nerd.  I look forward to it.

It’s been an interesting turn of events though as my wife just finished up a difficult last couple of weeks working and now it is me working extra hours at my self employed contractor position and then feeding the money coaching beast as I work on different parts of the business at night and on the weekends.

I’m still enjoying my morning walks with my dog Angel, having breakfast with my wife, and showing up my local Crossfit gym 4 days a week.  It just happens that over the months of July and August I have a 7:00-3:30:)

That’s all the news I have for right now as part of my financial freedom update.  August-October will be very busy and filled with work, FinCon, vacations, and more.  Until then keep  getting better with money every day, no matter how busy you are.

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