Remain the Same or Ready to Make a Change with a Financial Coach

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I have talked with many people about their personal finances.  Some talks are casual conversations with friends and many more are conversations with potential clients.  When these conversations occur people are reaching out because they want to make a change.  Let’s talk through if you are ready to make a change with a financial coach.

Why are You Here?

When people first schedule a discovery call I have them fill out a form to get to know their financial situation a little better.  

A discovery call is a free 15-30 minute virtual call to talk about your financial situation, my coaching style and methods, and ultimately if we are a good fit.

Most people find me one of two ways.  Either I have been featured on a blog, podcast, or video channel and shared my story.  They searched via the internet looking for a financial coach and my website or Google business page catches their eye.

My Story

Everyone has their own unique story.  My story includes paying off over $100,000 in debt in a relatively short period of five (5) years making an average American salary. 

I did the basics of personal finance and built a strong foundation.  I tracked my expenses, created a budget, paid down debt, cut expenses, increased my income, and ultimately remained motivated. 

It wasn’t easy, but it was satisfying.  I’m happy and humbled to be in my current financial situation today.

I have had many people reach out and essentially say to me “I want to do what you did”.  I want to pay off all my debt and live a life with more financial freedom.  

Just like many of you I was motivated by financial success stories and it’s a great reason to want a change in your financial life and seek out a financial coach.

Help Wanted

For others searching for a financial coach is about a series of events that have come to a “check engine” light in the vehicle known as their finances.  It could be mounting student loans, credit card debt, life events, and more.

The series of events could come down to something as simple as being sick of worrying over their financial future.  Questions and thoughts arise:

  • What happens if I lose my job?
  • How do I pay down debt the fastest?
  • I want to save for a house, retirement, etc

When this happens people begin to look for answers.  While the internet is chalked full of answers & opinions not everyone wants to spend hours searching for debt repayment techniques.

The answer for many is to seek out someone who has done it before.  Someone who will help  solve their financial problem and reach their financial goal, someone like a financial coach.

The First Step is to Realize Change is Needed

Scheduling a call to talk with someone to help is not easy.  Sharing with someone your finances is not common place in our society today. 

This isn’t talking about your latest vacation or concert you attended.  It’s not posting that perfect picture on Instagram.  No it’s revealing where you are in your financial journey.  What scares you, what worries, and what you want to accomplish.

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Scheduling that initial discovery call is like walking into a gym to check the place out.  You are not wearing your workout clothes, but you are ready to see what the gym and the people inside can offer you.

Do You Want Change

During the initial discovery session is when you find out if you are ready to make a change or if you only want change, but don’t want to take the necessary steps to create change.  

Here’s the thing.  I have talked with many people who are ready for their financial lives to change.  However they are not ready to make a change in their financial life.  There is a BIG difference.

Ready to Make a Change with a Financial Coach

I don’t think I’ve ever talked with someone who said that they don’t want their financial lives in order. 

Imagine someone telling you that they love living paycheck to paycheck for the added chaos and thrill of not knowing if they will be able to buy groceries or pay rent.  It just doesn’t happen absolutely know one says that.

Having someone help you while you make changes in your financial life can make all the difference.

For many people it’s difficult especially as you go through life with the same bad habits and routines.  Making a change in your life however big or small can be grueling.  

That’s why having someone to support you can be such an important step in reaching your financial goals.

Ready to make a change with a Financial Coach

One of the points I emphasize when talking with potential clients is that [tweetshareinline tweet=”I work with people who are ready to make a change.” username=”EvenStevenMoney”]  

I’m not interested in convincing someone they need to pay off debt or save money.  I’m interested in creating an action plan to reach your goals.

If we work together and follow the action plan that we create together during the two (2) hour Road Map session, you will reach your financial goals.  

Once we have that action plan it becomes about following through.  Accountability is one of the biggest enemies of bad money management.  If a financial coach is checking in with you every week, month, or quarter it’s a lot harder to take a wrong turn during your financial journey.

The individuals that I work with are excited about making a change.  They know that working together will give them the extra accountability, coaching, and motivation to reach their financial goals.

On the flip side, those that look at making changes as something that is “above them” is someone that I don’t think is a good fit.  But also it can slip past me during our conversation. What happens is a slow action plan until the individual makes the real change that they need.

If you are ready to make a change with a financial coach then I can’t wait to start.   I absolutely love working with people to pay off debt, save money, and everything in between.

I will walk with you side by side as you reach your financial goal.  All it takes is being ready to make a change with someone like me on your side.

Need help to reach your financial goals?

Then schedule a 20-30 minute phone call to see if working together is the right fit for both you and me.  I want to help everyone, but I only have time for a select few.  Schedule an appointment and select Free Discovery Call.