Let's build a Road Map to your
  Financial Freedom 

Is this your life today?

  • You earn a good paycheck, but don't know where the money goes each month
  • You don't feel confident in how to manage your everyday finances
  • You feel stuck in your life because of your current financial situation and have limited options
  •  You feel opportunities are passing you by and know that your finances are holding you back
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Hi, I'm Steven. A few years ago I was over $100,000 in debt and today I have financial freedom. 

I work every day to live my best life.

Let me tell you a story about YOU!

Every day you wake up and head out to work to conquer the world.  A long daily commute, a hard day at work, and a paycheck every couple of weeks is what awaits you.  You are smart, educated, and understand that there has to be more.  You are sick of being burdened with debt, feel anxious about your financial situation, and want a better life for you and your family today. 

You want control of your finances.  You need a plan for your financial future.  You want a guide to help you get there.

Does this describe you?

 Road Map
 Financial Freedom 

My coaching program is designed is to give you the road map to financial freedom and live your best life.  I take the time to figure out where you are today and what’s important to you for tomorrow.  I look at where you excel and areas to improve as we work together towards your financial freedom. I listen to your dreams and then we put together a personalized Road Map that puts those dreams into a destination.  I work with you on how to get to that destination with your money. Think of me as Google maps on your road trip to your dreams. I can't wait to help you get there.

This 2 hour session is the opportunity to dive into your current spending and saving, but with an eye for a more precise, efficient, and effective strategy.  

During the Road Map to Financial Freedom session we will have the opportunity to discuss:

  • Where your money is going
  • Create a simple to use and understand budget
  • Find ways to save money and lower expenses
  • Talk about your values and what matters most to you and match them to your spending
  • Build a plan to pay off debt faster
  • Find the right amount for your emergency fund
  • Save and Invest more money than ever before
  • Brainstorm ways to earn extra money
  • Learn about your money mindset and tactics to win with money

This sounds like A LOT because it is, this will be 

YOUR Ultimate Road Map to Your Financial Freedom 

How does it all work?

  • 1
    Discovery Call: The first step in both programs is a discovery call. It’s 100% free! You’ll schedule an appointment and select Free Discovery Call. This is a 20-30 minute phone call to see if working together is the right fit for both you and me.  Once you schedule, you’ll get an email with some questions and discovery session form to fill out about your finances. On the call you can ask questions about coaching and share more about your story, and talk about how I might be able to help you with your specific situation.  
  • 2
    Road Map Session:  After the Discovery Call, we’ll schedule an appointment for your 2 hour Road Map session to meet and talk online for the following week.  The cost is a one time expense of $200.  My goal is to bring triple the amount of value to you.  Once you schedule, you’ll get an email with additional questions and documents to fill out.  After I receive your responses I'll be able to customize a road map just for you.  The session is all about YOU and your road map to financial freedom and living your best life.  

Are YOU ready to make a change?

What People Are Saying About
 Even Steven Money


“The best thing about working with Steven was having actionable steps to improve our financial lives."

"His passion for his helping clients grow and make changes to improve was evident in every meeting. Steven's honest, clear, and unbiased feedback allowed my husband and I to make informed decisions regarding our financial future based on data. " 

Teresa & Jay 
-Teacher & Plumber, Wisconsin

I am thankful for your tips, strategies and help...."

“Sometimes for me and for many others finances/money/debt-alone can be overwhelming, so I am thankful for your tips, strategies and help."

- Etsy shop owner, Wisconsin

In my Coaching Program I share with you  strategies I used to gain Financial Freedom

Even Steven Money with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger ducks
  • Pay off over $100,000 in personal debt
  • SAVE and have money in the bank
  • Have a full emergency fund for when we really need it
  • Max out our retirement accounts 401K, IRA, H.S.A.
  • Improve my health and physical fitness because I wasn't worried about if I could make my student loan payment
  • Pay off our mortgage of over $200,0000 because we wanted to have options that didn't revolve around money
  • Be able to do what I really wanted and in turn, leave corporate america behind 
  • Communicate effectively in my relationships & they became so much more fulfilling 
  • Feel confident in how I was managing our finances and proud of our financial situation
Steven Donovan
- Even Steven Money

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i am a dedicated money coach who is here to help guide you to a better financial future.

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