Playing with FIRE

Playing with FIRE documentary Even Steven Money

The last couple of weeks have been eye opening for me.  I’ll save my big dramatic announcements for another day.  Today I want to talk about the FIRE movement.  That’s right it’s a whole movement, not just a couple spreadsheet nerds talking numbers and drinking craft beers.  The big excitement has moved to a documentary.  What did you expect a Marvel comic action movie featuring Mr. Money Mustache?  I introduce to you Playing with FIRE.

FIRE Movement

About a 6 weeks ago, I decided to organize an event here in South Florida, a documentary called Playing with FIRE.  You can catch the trailer right here.  Go ahead and watch, I’ll wait……..

I decided to organize the event simply because I wanted to watch the documentary here in South Florida. Since the documentary only could be seen by those who donated to the Kickstarter fund (also signs I’m a cheap SOB when it comes to donations), I missed out.

Based on it’s popularity I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on a streaming channel, but I’m part of the FIRE movement, I’m not waiting for that.  I’m already waiting on Financial Independence that’s enough for now.

A HUGE thank you to Waffles on Wednesday for sharing the ridiculously sweet stickers at FinCon to get me through the past year or so of not donating to help fund the documentary.

Playing with Fire Stickers on bike helmet

If putting sticker’s on a bike helmet makes me a nerd, well then this picture certainly proves it.

The Playing with FIRE folks even came out with a book.  I read the book and loved it.  Pretty sure Scott Rieckins, executive producer and main character, was deeply afraid of my comparison though.

Playing with FIRE comes to South Florida

When I first signed up to be an organizer through Tugg, which is the platform they are using to introduce the documentary to the masses.  I had no idea how it all worked.

First thing I did was share the good news with my local ChooseFI Facebook group.  I had only been to one meetup and a missed connection meetup that I actually attended, but I was there.  So I wasn’t sure if everyone was as interested in all of this as I was.

I received such a great response that I knew we had a chance to hit the minimum required ticket sales of 65 for the event to be confirmed.  The ticket sales started off with slow going, in fact I was really nervous.  I don’t have a huge cult like following like the Mad FIentist or encourage internet strangers to stop by my house like 1500 Days (thanks for offering me to stay on my upcoming trip).

1500 Days Even Steven Money

I would like to tell you Mr. 1500 days paid me a hefty sum to wear this shirt.

1500 Reasons Why I Asked 1500 Days to Wear this Shirt

Over time and constant encouragement and ideas from the FIRE community the event started to get  close to the ticket threshold.  Right about that time I started to believe it was all going to happen.  So as another member of the ChooseFI group talked about a Happy Hour, I knew it was a sign everything was going to work out.

In fact I started to reach out to those included in the FIRE documentary to see if they wanted to part of this event.  Really an opportunity to give back and encourage those attending to become part of a movement that is all about generosity and helping others.

Great news!  The event Sold Out!!  Happy Hour had the biggest table in the whole Ale House!!!  Yes we drank, ate, and talked super nerdy topics that most people would take a pass on listening to.  Not this Financial Independence super team of Happy Hour patrons.

Playing with FIRE documentary Happy Hour Even Steven Money

Playing with FIRE Documentary

As expected the documentary itself was filled with laughs, financial independence math, and emotional outbreaks.  The SOLD OUT documentary was a success.

I mentioned how generous those in the FIRE community are and this was no different.  After reaching out I received more than I could have asked for.  Here is a picture collage of just a few of the great items donated by some tremendous people.

Check out all those smiling faces!

Playing with FIRE documentary Even Steven Money

I want to give a special thank you to the following people who were able to generously donate an item to make the South Florida event a special one.  If you see them on the internet or in the streets please give them a high five!

In no particular order, Thank You:

Phillip Taylor aka PT from PT Money and of course FinCon, one the of most generous people I know!

Liz from Frugalwoods, who answers emails on the 4th of July after being on vacation!

Carl from 1500 Days.  The most creative giveaway, Lego Dinosaurs!

Julien & Kiersten from Rich and Regular, congrats on the new Eat Better on a Budget Cookbook!

Krysty and Bryce from Millenial Revolution, congrats on the new book release!

Grant from Millennial Money, love the VW!  Side shout out to Cody from Fly to FI for behind the guy behind the guy!

Doug Nordman from The Military Guide, keep surfing my good man, just keep surfing.

Scott Rieckens from Playing with FIRE, who is encouraging all of us.

A big thank you to everyone who attended from my wife and I!

Playing with FIRE documentary Even Steven Money